Changing thoughts on why I draw

Some interesting reflections on why we draw and a discussion on “Drawing is a verb” v “Drawing is a noun”. Worth checking out.


I have been looking at the book Drawing Now: eight propositions. This is a thought provoking book and the introductory chapter, Drawing is a noun, made me really think about why I draw and led to the realisation that the answer to that is changing as I work my way through this course. Prior to starting the course I would have said that I wanted to learn to draw ‘properly’ i.e. for whatever I was drawing to look exactly like whatever I was trying to draw. The closer that an artist’s work looked like something I could clearly recognise as being accurate, the better I thought it was. I still want to be able to learn to draw well and accurately and develop the technical skills but increasingly I am realising that there is so much more to it than that, and that one of those things that is…

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