P51 Exploring Coloured Media

“Draw random lines, straight and curved, get the feel of each of the media at your disposal. Use different hand pressures so that you get bold lines and faint [sic] lines. Then consider how to achieve tone and colour through stippling and hatching. Draw a stripe of flecks and dots, red at one end, blue at the other, with the flecks and dots blending together in the centre. Repeat this with a similar stripe but this time cross-hatch the colours.”

I tried to be systematic applying the above instructions to each coloured medium. Here are the results:

P51 -A

These are the results for Coloured Pencils and Compressed Coloured Lead Sticks


Soft Pastels


Oil Pastels


Watercolour Pastels


Dip Pen and Ink and Felt-Tip Markers

Check and Log:

Which of the media you have experimented with did you find most expressive?

It was only when I bought and used the stubby markers for the exercise on Page 60 did I find an “expressive” medium. I enjoyed using soft pastels at my Bolton College course, but did not like many of the others here. The coloured pencils were particularly bad, for the same reason as ordinary lead pencils which produce grey drawings. Coloured pencils produce pale, washed out drawings.

I couldn’t see the point of using water to blend watercolour pencils. Why not use watercolour paints in the first place? Oil pastels seem to be the ‘adult’ version of Crayola wax crayons. It reminded me of the special editions of the Harry Potter books which had ‘adult’ covers so people could read them on the Tube without embarrassment.

Which medium do you think lends itself to very detailed work?

Coloured pencils could produce reasonable detail, if you’re prepared to put up with pale drawings. I love drawing in black indian ink. Probably a range of coloured inks would be a possibility, if an expensive one. (I did eventually invest is coloured inks for my assessed piece.)


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