P83 Check and Log

  • In what way did you simplify and select in your study? Were you able to focus on simple shapes and patterns amid all the visual information available to you?
  • It was impossible to draw every twig and leaf even on the nearby trees on Goose Green. However it was possible to draw enough to give sufficient impression. Further away, less had to be drawn and the trees on the island only had the main branches and an impression of groups of leaves. On the far shore, the houses were only a few feint lines for the roof, windows and doors, even though more detail was visible to the naked eye.
  • How did you create a sense of distance and form in your sketches?
  • As discussed above, the further away the less detail was show. Or conversely, the less detail was there, the further away the object looked. The proportions were also important.  A small branch on the nearby tree was much bigger than entire trees on the island.
  • How did you use light and shade?
  • The tree on the right hand side foreground had some modelling with sun light which was coming from the right. I emphasised this with the left hand side of vertical branches and the underneath of horizontal branches in deeper shadow in order to create a solid form.
  • What additional preliminary work would have been helpful towards the larger study?
  • As mentioned, due to poor weather, the study was done based on one of my photographs. It was taken a week or two earlier for another project. (I am hoping to produce an artist’s book based on drawings of Doffcocker Lodge.) The position from which I took it may not have been the best for this particular exercise. Other photographs or drawn studies, if the weather was better, may have resulted in a better viewpoint.



About notes to the milkman

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