P116 – Project Structure – Exercise: Three Drawings

Try using different drawing tools for all three drawings … You will do three drawings – one standing, one sitting and one lying down. Spend between half an hour and an hour on each pose. … Draw some two-minute sketches of the model before embarking on the longer drawing.





The following two drawings were done recently at a local life drawing class. They seem to satisfy the criteria in terms of pose. The first is of Donna drawn from near the feet, while Brad was drawn near his head.


P116-IMG_2535Check and Log:

How accurately did you depict the overall proportions of the figure?
Unlike some previous exercises, I am happy with the proportions in these drawings (with the possible exception of Sandra seated).

Did you try to imagine the sitter’s skeleton and muscles? Did this help you to convey the figure’s structure and form?
No and no. As with this illustration from Barrington Barber of a work by Sickert, Sandra is ‘well-rounded woman’. It is difficult to see muscles and bones. However, there is a curve which I have drawn from centre to right waist. Sickert has a similar curve. I have tried finding the name for this but have been unsuccessful. However, does it matter? I observed and drew the feature.


In most units in this course, there is usually a ‘what is the purpose of this?’ exercise. I am surprised that this unit does not include a traditional ‘draw your hand/foot’ exercise which would have fitted in much better, in my opinion, with the research on anatomy and structure than just three more figure drawings.


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