Printmaking 1 – P36 – Further Experiments

” … extend your range by adding more colours and using the brush in different ways. What happens when you use the brush handle to draw through the ink on your printing plate? …”

Reading through other parts of the Book, I decided to experiment even further than suggested above, by using different paper and different sizes. I also looked at using a credit card scraper as an alternative to a brush.

For these experiments, I decided to use my gelatine printing plate, with which I am far more familiar, rather than the rigid glass plate.

For this print I cut some stiff black paper into 20 cm squares and used a wide piece of cut up credit card to apply the yellow water-based Speedball ink to the plate and a narrow piece to apply the white before printing both colours. The print took a long time to dry due to the amount of ink even with the help of a hair dryer.


This is the double ghost print from the plate used for the print above. I don’t think pale colours on black are as effective as on white.


I tried printing onto a 20 cm square piece of brown paper (of the type used for lining floors). As the colour reminded me of autumn leaves, I tried a semi-abstract print of autumn leaves using brushes, with the yellow printed first, the plate cleaned and then the red. This allowed some overlap of the colours on the paper.


With this print I used some A6 size black card. I taped the piece to the printing plate. This allowed me to print each of the three colours without cleaning the plate in between but without reprinting colour still on the plate as ghost images.


On another A6 piece of black card I printed silver and gold, colours that I have in my box but rarely use. I brushed the colours on with short curved strokes.


I tried unsuccessfully to do a skyline using the credit card scraper.


This next print I regard as my serendipity print. I knew exactly what I wanted – a yellow background with a red overprint, with text scratched though the red to the yellow. What I got bore no resemblance to this! There was a lot of ink and the card slipped as I was applying the red and there is no sign of the text on the print. However I really like the print I got, especially the way the colours blend into each other!


I went back to using brushes rather than the scrapper for my scratch through text prints. The Book suggested using the wrong end of a paint brush but perhaps mine were too rounded but they didn’t work very well so I used a wooden splint. Silver overprinted with blue worked, but blue overprinted with silver didn’t. I enjoyed getting the brush marks on these and, yes, I know I spelt ‘uffish’ wrongly!




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I'm a printmaker based in the North West of England, living in Bolton and printing at Hot Bed Press in Salford. Please visit my website
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